Relatively Speaking: A Visit With Albert Einstein

This is a 45 minute show in which the avuncular Albert Einstein welcomes the children to his study where he still continues his work on his Unification Theory.  He loves visiting with children and proposes that he tells them of his life growing up in Europe while he conducts some science experiments to show them the basic principles underlying the universe.

Starting with magnets, he shows the relationship between the poles of the Earth and the needle of a compass.  He then moves on to electricity and how the positive and negative ends of a battery move atoms around wires to power a light bulb.  Next is light and how prisms refract color, in essence explaining why we see rainbows in the sky.  Gravity is next, again with connections to the concept of magnetism.  Finally, using a toy bus, he explains the relativity of time and space.

The demonstrations are interspersed with tales of European anti-Semitism, travels to America, winning the Nobel Prize and how his theories led to the atomic bomb and the end of World War II.   He ends by encouraging the children to never give up in their efforts; or as he puts it, “Remember that imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”

Written and Directed by Ian Patrick Williams.  Performed by Steve Bean.

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